Get Google Adsense Approval Very Easily

Google Adsense Approval

Google Adsense Approval

Get Google Adsense Approval very easily by just following few steps

Hello friends
Today I will tell you how you will be able to get Google Adsense approval for your website very easily.
I am 101% sure if you follow my methods then your Google Adsense will be approved in the first time so let’s start today’s blog And at the same time I will also tell you that what should you do if your adsense is rejected after applying Friends, before talking about Google Adsense Approval, let us know what is Google Adsense and how it works. Google Adsense is a program run by Google, by joining which you can run ads on your website, with the help of which you can earn money.

For Adsense Approval, your website should fulfill the terms and conditions set by Google.


Whenever you apply for Google Adsense, before that see whether your website has a theme, is user friendly or not, the theme of your website should be responsive so that the user can easily see whatever content is on your website on every device.

Important Pages

If you are applying for Google Adsense, then before that check whether your website has some important pages or not. like

Navigation :- Home Page , About Us , Contact Us , Privacy Policy , Terms & Conditions Page ,

About Us

About that is to tell about your website so that the user can easily understand what you are giving to the user in your website, so whenever you create an about us page, write well about your website in it because it is your website. It is very important for Google Adsense Approval.

Contact Us

Whenever you create a website and apply for AdSense Approval, before that you should see whether you have created your website, Contact Us page or not Contact Us page makes it easy for the user to contact you, if he has any kind of problem, then he can contact you through that Contact Us

Privacy Policy

Whenever you create a website and apply for Google Adsense, then make sure that you have created a privacy policy page in your website or not, if not, then first create a privacy policy page or else your website will be very likely to be approved in Google Adsense.

Terms & Conditions

You must make a Terms & Conditions page on your website and tell all the terms & conditions of your website in it so that there should be a transparency between your website and the user.


Friends, to get Google Adsense Approval, you will have to work hard and you will have to work hard on your content, you should write at least 15 to 20 posts on your website. Well, it is not written anywhere in Google that you will get Google Adsense Approval on so many posts but I am telling you from my experience that you have to write at least 15 to 20 posts. And remember while writing the post, your post should be uniqe, it should be such a post that adds some value to the life of the user, take care while writing the post, whatever you have written or the user is telling, it should be your content from somewhere else. not copied

Copyright Content

Friends, whenever you write a post, take care that the content is yours and it is genuine, do not use copyrighted image on your website, if you use any image in your post, then use copyright free image While writing your post, remember that whatever you are doing on your website or telling the user, it does not break any of the guidelines of Google Adsense, your every post and content should follow Google’s guidelines Even after getting Google Adsense Approval Just follow the things I have told you friend, you will definitely get Google Adsense Approval.

Best of Luck

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