Dean-Charles Chapman On Game Of Thrones (Martyn Lannister, Tommen Baratheon)

Garret Dillahunt On Deadwood (Jack McCall, Francis Wolcott)

Giovanni Ribisi On Friends (Condom Guy, Frank Buffay Jr.)

Jerry Orbach On Law & Order (Defense Attorney Frank Lehrman, Detective Lennie Briscoe)

Justin Theroux On Sex And The City (Jared, Vaughn Wysel)

Karen Gillan On Doctor Who (Soothsayer, Amy Pond)

Peter Capaldi On Doctor Who (Caecilius, The Doctor)

Queen Latifah On The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (Marissa Redman, Dee Dee)

Ted McGinley On Married With Children (Norman Jablonsky, Jefferson D'Arcy)

Terry O’Quinn On The X-Files (Lt. Brian Tillman, Shadow Man)