10 Best Celebrity Wax Figures Ever Made


Beyoncé's wax statues are always a mess, possibly because it's hard to replicate perfection. More than one Bay Wax creation has faced backlash for being too white

Ariana Grande 

Ariana wouldn't wear raccoon under-eye liner like this, thank you very much. There are real humans who look more like Ari than this wax figure.

Nicole Kidman 

The real Nicole Kidman has always had a kind of sculpted, porcelain doll going on

Selena Gomez 

Selena Gomez is only 27, yet the styling of this wax figure makes her look at least 48.

Robert Pattinson 

The problem with waxworks is that when the light hits them in the right way, they look like wax

Jennifer Lopez 

Wax J.Lo Looks Like It's About To Fight A Woman

Jennifer Aniston 

Wax Jennifer Aniston is what happens to your skin when you stop drinking Smartwater and don't apply your Aveeno nightly.

Brad Pitt 

Brad Pitt Has Made Some Questionable Facial Hair Choices In His Time, But He's Never Looked Like A Freelance Wizard


Rihanna Had a Similar Haircut Around 2009, But This Wax Mannequin Looks Like It Was Imported from the '80

Kim Kardashian 

Say what you will about the real Kim's heavy face, her eyes don't slant and her hairline is a little higher than