10 Best Celebrity whose feet are beautiful along with their face

Anne Bancroft

Mrs. Robinson's legs in 'The Alumni' (1967) will go down in film history as probably the most lovely.


Queen Bey works out on and off stage, and the results show. She has such strong, beautiful legs.

Brigitte Bardot

Eyeliner, a sexy accent, and legs to die for. The French star had it all.

Jane Fonda

Popular for her exercise recordings some time ago, Fonda utilized her astounding legs as a promoting instrument.

Jennifer Aniston

The 'Friends' star has been praised for her impeccable pair of sexy legs since her Rachel days.

Josephine Baker

The American-conceived French performer had the absolute most astonishing legs of the Roaring Twenties.

Julia Roberts

We're as yet not certain why she utilized a body twofold on the banner of 'Pretty Lady' (1990).

Princess Diana

Lady Di was not afraid to show off her legs, and we love her even more because of it. They were absolutely gorgeous.

Sharon Stone

Who can fail to remember the notable scene in the 1992 thriller 'Basic Instinct obviously, it helped that her legs were astounding!

Tina Turner

The singer has always had some of the most amazing legs in the music industry