10 Best Fictional Currency In Video Games

Eurodollars Cyberpunk 2077

The currency used in the game is the Eurodollar, which originated with the homogenization of the world by corporates.

Bells  Animal Crossing

Bells are probably one of the most notorious currencies because, unlike other fictitious money, you don't spend it entirely on improving yourself.

Nanites  System Shock

This makes nanites a very unique form of currency, whose functionality extends far beyond just buying and selling.

Septim The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls is one of the most iconic video game series of all time, its pose will also be quite remarkable in its own right. The official currency in all of Tamriel is Septim.

Bottle Caps Fallout

Bottle caps or simply caps are the form of currency in the Fallout universe.

Gil Final Fantasy

You'll need a gill to make your purchases convenient.

Munny Kingdom Hearts

Munni is definitely another factor that makes Kingdom Hearts games so unique.

Rupee The Legend Of Zelda

Rupees, not to be confused with the real-world currency with the same name, are multicolored diamonds.

Coins Mario

The coins are known for the distinctive sound effects that pop up whenever you find them, as well as the cheerful glow that sparkles in Mario's eyes.

Bolts Ratchet & Clank

Bolts are perhaps one of the most unique forms of currency in video games due to their inconsistent nature.