10 Most Popular YouTube Commentary Channels

One of the biggest communities on the YouTube platform is that of the commentary family


257K Subscribers

Officially starting her YouTuber journey in 2019, TehMimi presents herself with honesty and wisdom beyond her years

Luke Alexander

317K Subscribers

Residing in Australia, South African YouTuber Luke Alexander is worth a watch for multiple reasons


383K Subscribers

SWOOP has carved out an excellent ranking for herself in the commentary community.


435K Subscribers

A New York resident, SmokeyGlow is a fantastic beauty and commentary channel

Cruel World Happy Mind

457K Subscribers

Similar to Youtuber illuminaughti, Cruel World Happy Mind covers a myriad of high-profile MLM schemes and prominent celebrity influencers


766K Subscribers

A YouTube veteran, Repzion is a chameleon of the commentary community


921K Subscribers

Hailing from the United Kingdom, iNabber provides a hybrid of comedy and commentary in his videos alongside his adorable Shiba Inu

j aubrey

951K Subscribers

Having made his YouTube debut in 2018, Jonathan Aubrey continues to make a lasting impression on the commentary community

The Right Opinion

1.34 Million Subscribers

A close friend of j Aubrey, The Right Opinion earned his name through the thoroughness and accuracy of his presentation