batman has no superpowers, but he brings a lot to any battle His wealth and resources provide him with weapons armor and knowledge in virtually any scenario


The catwoman's fighting abilities and experience effectively rank her among the best military specialists in the DC Universe


Wonder Woman brings god like strength stamina and superior fighting skills into every battle. Her immortality makes her hard to kill and her weapons like the Lasso of Truth


A master of disguise and expert martial artist, Deathstroke proves a challenge for anyone who confronts him


Green Lantern possesses cosmic power thanks to the Power Ring which grants the ability to generate energy constructs blasts and force fields


The Joker enjoys no superhuman powers few resources beyond what he steals, and has far less allies than Harley does Yet he remains perhaps her greatest threat


The superhuman strength, speed and stamina of midnighter are much more than that. Plus he has a healing factor that makes him essentially invincible


Shazam wields so much power he rivals Superman. He derives superhuman strength and endurance from the divine empowerment of The Wizard


Poison Ivy and Harley share one of the great romances in DC Comics, but they've fought on occasion. That presents challenges for Harley as Ivy ranks among the most powerful characters in the DC Universe


Superman arguably ranks among the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe with superhuman strength, speed, and endurance. His Kryptonian physiology makes him essentially invulnerable to even the most brutal attacks