WCW found the funniest potential sidekick for Chris Jericho’s heel character when the Ralphus character was added to his act


David Flair became a huge prospect for WCW solely due to being the son of a legend like Ric Flair

Big T

WCW signed Johnson as Big T to join a new version of Harlem Heat 2000 with Stevie Ray remaining from the previous team

Jim Neidhart

WCW signing Jim Neidhart got lost in the shuffle when all the other bigger names joined in 1997


WCW placed the easily forgotten Lodi in multiple roles being a sidekick or lackey to others

The Wall

The Wall joined WCW with an interesting gimmick as the bodyguard for Alex Wright’s new Berlyn heel character

Sonny Ono

Sonny Ono became a perfect obnoxious heel sidekick when managing the extremely talented cruiserweight Ultimo Dragon

Elix Skipper

Team Canada found success in WCW as a hated faction inspired by WWE’s Hart Foundation.


Chastity is a wrestling personality to get overlooked throughout the years, but she is remembered by the diehard ECW and WCW fans

The Disciple

A character change towards The Disciple made Leslie come off like a new person since he changed his look