8 Popular Actors Who Worked In Movies For Money

Jackie Chan  Rush Hour 

Rush Hour is a film franchise that was released from 1998 to 2007 and follows the crime-fighting adventures of Chief Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter.

Jackie Chan did not consider it very important for his career, as the only reason to join was because of the money offered

Eddie Murphy Best Defense

Contrary to what everyone expected, her performance in Best Defense, the comedy in which she co-starred with Dudley Moore, was quite a disappointment.

When Paramount Pictures offered him $1 million to do it within a few weeks, he said yes.any 

Harrison Ford  Star Wars The Force Awakens

Aspiring actor Harrison Ford gained worldwide recognition for playing Han Solo in the 1977 film Star Wars: A New Hope

Harrison wasn't particularly enthusiastic about returning to Star Wars: what attracted him was the amount he was offered.

Michelle Williams Venom

Michelle Williams is known for her work in independent films.

Of course, Michele crafted her character with the same honesty and care as the rest of her roles. 

Morgan Freeman London Has Fallen

Morgan Freeman is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood with an impeccable portfolio of films across all genres.

Money was his main reason for reprising his role as Alan Trumbull.