After Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot has also been removed from the role of Wonder Woman.

After Gunn and producer Peter Safran were named the new co-CEOs of DC Studios in October 

Updates came this month on some of their changes for the future of comic book properties 

Gadot's Justice League co star Henry Cavill is no longer playing Superman

In addition to this being confirmed there were also reports that Wonder Woman 3 a planned conclusion to her standalone trilogy had been cancelled.

Gunn 56 responded to a person in the comments section of his Instagram post on Monday 

who claimed that she and Safran stepped in to boot Cavill and Gadot

Which does not inspire confidence in the future of the DC Universe.

Gunn wrote I'm not sure where you're getting that we booted the gal.

Days before news of Wonder Woman 3's unclear future broke Gadot 37 wrote on social media 

That she can't wait to share the next chapter of the character with fans. 

He added I am so grateful for the opportunity to play such an incredible iconic character and I am most grateful to you. 

Gunn previously tweeted responding to reports about the future of the Wonder Woman film franchise

That some of it's true some of it's half true some of it's not true and some of it we haven't decided yet. is it true or not