All 10 winners of The Voice' ranked from least to most successful

Cam Anthony

Cam Anthony took home the trophy during season 20 in May 2021.

Craig Wayne

Craig Wayne Boyd was crowned the season seven champ in December 2014.

The reigning champs of "The Voice" are the folk trio Girl Named Tom. They won season 21 in December 2021.

Jake Hoot

Jake Hoot won season 17 in December 2019.

Javier Colon

Right above him is first-ever "Voice" champion, Javier Colon, who won in June 2011.

Jermaine Paul

The second winner of "The Voice" was Jermaine Paul. He won in May 2012.

Josh Kaufman

In May 2014 Josh Kaufman won season six.

Maelyn Jarmon

Maelyn Jarmon won season 16 in May 2019.

Todd Tilghman

Todd Tilghman won the 18th season in May 2020.

Chris Blue

Season 12's winner was Chris Blue in May 2017.