Avatar The Way Of Water Could Compete With Marvel Superheroe

In the late 2000s two pivotal films changed Hollywood forever. 

The first was Iron Man, which debuted in 2008 and ushered in a new era of interconnected cinematic universes and total superhero saturation 

The second a year later was James Cameron's Avatar which pushed the boundaries of film-making technology and then faded into relative obscurity. 

Thirteen years later superheroes seem to be the only sure thing at the box office. 

Leave it to James Cameron to return with an Avatar sequel which may be the one to tear Marvel Studios apart. 

But even before the final numbers come in, Avatar: The Way of Water has already proved that 

Some of the biggest complaints people have about Marvel movies are totally correct.

Marvel movies have a lot of heart there's a reason I Love You 3000 became an instant sensation. 

But even the writers at Marvel Studios can't stop themselves from turning everything into a joke.

Unsurprisingly and impressively Avatar: The Way of Water is a very serious film. 

Other than a little comic relief provided by the youngest Sully kid I'd be hard pressed to name a single joke in the three-hour movie. 

In an age where every big blockbuster film needs to be an action blockbuster a drama and a comedy 

Avatar: Way of Water is brave enough to take itself seriously. This Is Something We Should Celebrate Even If It's Just Another CGI-Festival