Bad news for semiconductor chip makers

Semiconductor producers appear to frighten financial backers stressed over the strength of the economy

There is a bad trend going on for companies using semiconductors

Semiconductor we use in our daily lives whether they are phones, laptops, PCs, video games, televisions, electronic devices, cars, etc.

Organizations additionally need their chip and realistic cards in their everyday activities whether for their server farm or cloud

But all these companies are facing difficulties due to shortage of semiconductor

The financial exchange execution of these organizations starting from the start of September has in this manner been obviously awful

Nvidia shares have lost more than 13% since the end of August

while AMD shares, which had rebounded well after the release of the second quarter earnings, have fallen by 9.2% since the end of August

Intel shares lost 8.2% of their worth over a similar period, Micron shares fell 5.1% and Qualcomm shares fell 5.5%

But industry sources believe that the current downturn is temporary because AI and robotics will play an essential role in the economy in the years ahead