Captain Jack Sparrow Aka Johnny Depp Will Return In This Movie 

Fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies have never given up hope of seeing Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow once again. 

And now their wish has come true

Unfortunately it's not a part of the constantly rumored Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

Instead it's a video message arranged by the Make-A Wish Foundation that was sent to an 11-year-old fan 

Johnny Depp's place in Pirates of the Caribbean history is not in doubt, but whether he'll ever return is a little less certain. 

Since the actor's messy divorce and defamation lawsuit with Amber Heard, his status in Hollywood took a huge dive with the actor not getting any roles. 

While he's now making fewer appearances, his return to a franchise as big as Pirates of the Caribbean is something 

For some other reason than this, Disney should allow Depp to continue playing Jack Sparrow or retire the Pirates franchise entirely. 

Either way, it looks like Depp will still bring out Captain Jack when called upon.