Do You Know These Celebrities Are Banned In These Countries

Lady Gaga

Banned from: Indonesia

Gaga was barred from entering Indonesia: the Islamic Defenders Front called her a destroyer of morals


Banned from: Malaysia

Malaysia has banned Bey for promoting "Western sexy performances

Brad Pitt

Banned from: China

Pitt was not allowed in China because of his movie Seven Years in Tibet.

Chris Brown

Banned from: the UK and Australia

Chris Brown isn't allowed entry in these two countries because of his domestic violence conviction

Mark Zuckerberg

Banned from: Russia

Sacha Baron Cohen

Banned from: Tajikistan and Kazakhstan

The nature of the comedian's movies 'The Dictator' and Borat got him banned from Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.

Selena Gomez

Banned from: China and Russia

Selena was banned from Russia for supporting LGBTQ rights.

The Beatles

Banned from: the Philippines

In 1966 the band were banned from the Philippines after declining a breakfast invitation from the country's First Lady.

Tyler, The Creator

Banned from: the UK and New Zealand

The rapper has been dubbed a threat to public order in the UK and New Zealand due to some of his lyrics