Dwayne Johnson aka Black Adam lost money

In October, the long-awaited arrival of Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam hits theater

Waking up from a 5,000-year slumber with the DC Comics anti-hero facing off against the Justice Society 

Black Adam received mixed critical reception, and on the box office front, as of this writing, it has grossed over $384 million worldwide 

Earlier this week, it was reported that Black Adam would be a huge money loss for Warner Bros. Pictures. 

Earlier number-crunching claimed that Black Adam would need to make at least $600 million, but the film wouldn't even hit $400 million 

On his Twitter page, Dwayne Johnson said that after waiting to confirm with the financiers he was told that Black Adam would make $52–72 million. 

He compared Black Adam's world box office haul to that of Captain America: The First Avenger, with the 2011 MCU film pulling in upwards of $370 million worldwide. 

Unfortunately For The Rock, His Future As Black Adam May Not Be As Bright As He Thinks 

It was mentioned that a Black Adam sequel is unlikely because it failed to make a big splash in theaters.

So we'll just have to wait and see how Johnson's Black Adam fits into the picture going forward.