Dwayne Johnson has to face flop at the box office

When you hear the name Dwayne Johnson, you think of "The Rock

Wrestling nickname, muscles, a great smile and a box office success, not a box office flop. 

The Red Notice actor may have experienced something of a failure with his latest film, Black Adam. 

The Warner Bros. DC Universe film has grossed only $387 million worldwide so far, but needs at least $600 million to break even. 

Black Adam, Shazam! The film stars Dwayne Johnson as the villain and, according to Variety, is being considered a flop upon its release into theaters. 

The film cost $195 million to produce and would need to gross $600 million to make it back. 

The film, which received mixed reviews, was released in theaters across the United States on October 21. 

It grossed only $387 million worldwide during the seven-week period. 

This goes to show that no matter how big the superstar is, any film can flop on the big screen. 

While Black Adam Dwayne Johnson may prove to be a flop, there is still more earning potential ahead with TV and streaming deals.