Elon Musk Has Twitter's Blacklist Files 

Second edition of Twitter Files claims to reveal company has secret blacklist 

Which observers say is similar to the billionaire's own policies. 

Former New York Times opinion columnist Bari Weiss presented a series of cases in which Twitter has limited the distribution and recommendation of certain tweets. 

In a series of tweets he explained previous management's position on reducing the visibility of Twitter users who violated company policies 

Highlighted conservative activists Charlie Kirk and Chhaya Raichik, who operate the Libsoftiktok account, as examples of people who have been punished by the company. 

Ms Weiss wrote in a 30-tweet thread that Twitter has a team of employees who create blacklists 

Prevent specific Tweets from trending and limit the visibility of topics or accounts. 

Following Weiss report Mr Musk tweeted Twitter is working on a software update that will show your real account status 

So you know clearly if you have been shadowbanned the reason why and how to appeal. 

New Twitter policy is freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach Mr Musk tweeted last month.