Elon Musk reinstated banned journalists accounts on twitter

Twitter has begun lifting suspensions of some journalists after Elon Musk re-ran a poll 

which asked if they should unsuspend accounts that display my exact location in real time 

who tracked my exact location in real time. 

Of the two poll options now won over in 7 days with 58.7 percent of the responses. There were approximately 3.7 million responses to the poll. 

Journalists from various outlets including The New York Times, CNN, NBC, The Intercept, and more had their accounts suspended on Thursday 

Most of them after tweeting about @ElonJet, a Twitter account that tracked the private jet owned by SpaceX. 

Elon Musk uses based on publicly available FAA flight tracking data.

ElonJet account was suspended from Twitter ahead of strike against other accounts 

Shortly after restoring these accounts, Musk also suspended Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz after she contacted Musk for comment on a story.