Emily Blunt Laughs At Tom Cruise's Advice

Emily Blunt is clearing up any misunderstanding about that advice she received from Tom Cruise. 

Blunt told the Smartless Podcast that while she was filming 2014's Edge of Tomorrow 

Then she was having a hard time with her heavy dress 

On Monday, she explained that the entire story was taken literally and absurdly out of context by the media. 

I absolutely adore Tom, he is a dear friend and he was a gem to me. 

It was said as a joke to make me laugh, which it did in a big way 

Blunt stated that the entire story stemmed from the weight of trying to perform while wearing an 85-pound costume on set for the project. 

It's ridiculous that this is being called something that hurts me 

It did not happen. I shared the story in a lighter vein as Tom meant