Henry Cavill Not Returning As Superman After Black Adam

Henry Cavill is addressing Warner Bros. decision to move forward with a Superman film that will star a different actor in the title role. 

Cavill, who appeared as Superman in a cameo for this fall's Black Adam after not playing a hero since 2017 Justice League 

James Gunn and Peter Safran co-presidents and co-CEOs of DC Studios informed him of the change in direction. 

Cavill clarifies his post earlier in the year announced he'll be returning as Superman

Cavill who announced shortly after the release of Black Adam that he would be dropping out of the Netflix series The Witcher 

This will certainly come as a huge blow to fans of the DCEU who have been desperately trying to keep the established canon alive. 

But at the very least Henry Cavill fans can be taken aback by that last part of James Gunn's statement.

It is not uncommon in modern films to see actors playing multiple comic book characters in different canons 

And it will be interesting to see what other characters Cavill might play in the big screen franchise. 

Of course, Superman fans around the world can also start to get excited by the fact 

Because we will be so excited to know when the movie is coming out who will be directing it and who will be the next Superman