Here you go, now elon musk has suspended taylor lorenz's twitter account as well.

The Washington Post reporter asked CEO Elon Musk if he wanted to comment on the potential story 

So Twitter suspended Taylor Lorenz's account on Saturday night. 

In her tweet addressed to Musk Lorenz said she and fellow Post reporter Drew Harwell emailed him for comment. 

Apparently he got no response, hence the tweet addressed to him. 

Lorenz's suspension comes two days after Twitter suspended the accounts of several journalists covering Musk - including Harwell 

Because Musk claimed he shared his exact real-time location on his Twitter accounts. 

However none of the suspended accounts had actually done so. 

Harwell was one of several journalists suspended by Twitter on Thursday after Musk alleged she was doxxed by the accounts. 

When Harwell challenged Musk's claim in a Twitter space the CEO joined in on Thursday shortly after the suspension 

Most of the accounts have been reinstated after they conducted a poll on Twitter 

Where a majority of voters said the accounts should be unsettled now