High On Life Full Review Best Part In Game

You know those episodes of Rick & Morty where nothing really happens, but you just go along with it because the jokes are funny and you like the character

High on Life is like that except the jokes aren't funny and I hate the characters it's a highly derivative video game 

Which relies on old traditions from ten years ago. 

It's functionally fine minute by minute, but you're better off playing something else. 

High on Life feels like the development cycle includes all the money time and effort that might have gone into gunplay level design quest writing traversal and world building.

It's like grabbing a game to copy and then letting Justin Roiland do some improvements on top of it.

I love Rick and Morty, and keep up with each new episode 

First the idiocy of Roiland et al doesn't translate well to video games. 

Plus, the gun is just Morty's. If you can't do enough voices, hire someone else. The gun is just Morty. 

High on Life isn't great, and there isn't much else to say. I think a lot of people' well 

If you love this comic you might enjoy this route but I already love this comic and I didn't enjoy it. 

It's the specter of video games, with boring shooting and a complete, shockingly thin progression loop full of bad jokes that feel like some bros on a podcast.