Ivanka Trump's Net Worth Did You Know ?

Ivanka Trump's Net Worth Will Shock You – How She Earned It Is Even More Surprising 

Ivanka Trump's Net Worth 

Ivanka and her husband's (Jared Kushner) net worth combined is $800 million. Her annual salary alone is estimated to be $300 million. 

How Did Ivanka Trump Earn Her Net Worth? 


During her early teens, she started modeling when she was attending boarding school

Family Business 

After college, she started working for Forest City Enterprises as a project manager, which was how she was introduced to real estate 

She worked there for about a year so that she could gain experience outside of the family business. 


Soon after joining the Trump Organization, she wanted to start her own clothing brand since she was an entrepreneur at heart

TV and Books 

She has appeared in shows like The Apprentice. Besides this, he also produced various TV series and books. 


Ivanka was an advisor to her father and played a huge role during his election. 

Where Does Ivanka Trump Spend Her Money? 

Art Collection 

Real Estate

Car Collection