James Cameron Praised For The Amazing VFX of Avatar: The Way of Water

The fans of director James Cameron's film have been waiting for the last 13 years. 

That film (Avatar 2: the way of water) has been released in theaters on 16 December.

The first part of this film was released in 2009 and it created a furore with the release. 

After all Avatar 2 also lives up to the expectations of the audience. or not 

James Cameron's film is expected for the first time, to be a visual masterpiece because the first film had raised such expectations. 

This has also happened. You will get lost in the beauty of that planet by watching each and every scene of the film. 

Nothing seems fake or gimmicky anywhere. everything to believe 

For films made in the name of VFX Avatar 2 has again brought a master class. 

The film is releasing on more than 3800 screens making it the biggest release of Hollywood. 

But as we all saw in the trailer, the VFX clan of the film is praiseworthy.