The Diary Psychoneuroendocrinology investigated exactly how hard these broad examples of unfortunate rest can be on your relationship

Sleeping together may ignite the wrong flame

each other's snoring can drive you crazy

No one ever considers sleep compatibility during the courtship phase of a relationship.

sleeping in separate beds may be a great way to preserve harmony 24/7. Don't miss these

Your honey is too hot

Some people generate so much heat during sleep that their partner winds up soaked with sweat. In such a situation it is best to be in a separate bed.

You're both the Goldilocks of mattresses

A great reason to choose separate beds is that you get to choose separate mattresses, too.

One of you is a blanket bandit

If you're a serial blanket stealer whose only alibi is I was asleep it's off to separate bed jail for you It is better to choose your separate bed than to deal with all these problems