Martin Luther King Jr. Paid for the Hospital Bill When Julia Roberts Was Born

Julia Roberts revealed an interesting detail about her past in her latest interview with Gayle King. 

The Pretty Woman star turns 55 this October 28 

Marked the occasion by talking with King about his achievements over the years, his marriage, issues important to him, and his childhood. 

During the talk, King asked Roberts about her little-known connection to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Let's start with the day you were born. Who paid for the hospital bill?" King asked. 

Okay, her research is very good," Roberts said with a smile, pointing to Dr. King. 

The actress then confirmed that Dr. King and his wife, Coretta Scott King, paid for Roberts's mother's hospital bill when she gave birth to Roberts. 

My parents had a theater school in Atlanta called the Actors and Writers Workshop 

In the 1960s, Gayle King noted, it was not common for Black and white children to interact or even attend the same schools—especially acting schools. 

Paying for Betty Lou Bredemus and Walter Grady Roberts's hospital bill, then, was a way in which the Kings thanked them for their kindness.