Meet the real life mermaid who is trapped in the sea

Rumors and sightings of mermaids have been so persistent throughout history 

When Animal Planet released a joke pretending to find a mermaid 

So was greeted with public acceptance that these mythical creatures had indeed been found. 

Taxidermy oddities such as the Fiji mermaid are popular in the cryptozoology field despite their known status of real fakes 

It was claimed that the mermaid had only one appeal despite the many possible ways it could be manufactured. 

Some commentators even claim that it is literally a baby inside a fish.

while others suggest that the child's body may have been buried in sand to create the illusion of being attached to the body of a fish. 

Now what do you think about whether mermaids exist in real life or not? 

Do mermaids exist in real life or is it just a story 

Do mermaids exist in real life or is it just a story