Meet World's Frist Ai Supermodel Is A Black Woman

Yes, The World’s First AI Supermodel Is A Black Woman

While artificial intelligence (AI) generators are offering cool photos for your social media feed 

How are they affecting society in the full scope of things? 

With the current influx of AI-generated versions of users' photographs through applications such as Lensa AI, there are those who point out that

According to The Outlet, Shudu is the first AI model and she’s been booked and busy. 

Within the first two years of her career, she was featured in Vogue, Hypebeast, V Magazine, and WWD 

Campaign for Balmain and Alessi, wearing a bespoke gown by Swarovski on the red carpet at the BAFTA 2019 Awards, releasing her own record. 

Named one of the most influential people on the Internet by Time 

A similar instance of AI-generated figures causing an uproar on social media happened earlier this summer when a rapper by the name of FN Meka was signed.

He was dropped from Capitol Records in what many believed was stereotypical behavior of black people - all under the control of white people.