Presenting The Rudest Celebrities Ever

We often hold celebrities to a higher standard, but they’re just people too. They have bad days and good days

and sometimes they lash out at inopportune times when a camera happens to be around.

Ellen DeGeneres

She was once known as the Queen of Nice, but has since become quite the opposite. DeGeneres was accused of falling short of kindness for the first time

Adam Levine

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine certainly doesn't have a shining reputation for being a nice guy.

The singer has been accused of making misogynistic comments and not giving the time of day to his die-hard fans.

Chevy Chase

The former SNLfunnyman is notoriously mean to his colleagues and fans. Countless co-stars and even Chase's showrunners have accused the actor of inappropriate and lewd behavior.

Christian Bale

It might have a few things in common with his American Psycho character after all.

Christian Bale is notoriously difficult to work with and there have been some disturbing allegations against him.

Mike Myers

Contrary to his jovial personality, Mike Myers isn't one to spread the sunshine without filming a scene.

The Austin Powers star has become infamous for her diva behavior on set and while interacting with fans.