Investigating the site of an ancient river delta, the Perseverance rover has collected some of the most important samples yet on its mission

to decide whether life at any point existed on Mars as per NASA researchers

A couple of the as of late gathered examples incorporate natural matter showing that

Jezero Crater which likely once held a lake and the delta that emptied into it had potentially habitable environments 3.5 billion years ago

Said Ken Farley Perseverance project scientist at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena

The stones that we have been researching on the delta have the most elevated convergence of natural matter that we have yet tracked down on the mission

The wanderers main goal which started on the red planet year and a half back incorporates searching for indications of old microbial life

Currently, the rover contains 12 rock  samples

The wanderer examined the cavity floor and tracked down proof of molten or volcanic rock

During its second mission to concentrate on the delta throughout the course of recent months Diligence has found rich sedimentary stone layers that add more going on of Mars old environment and climate