That's Why Elon Musk Suspended Accounts Of Rival Mastodon And Journalist

Twitter apparently suspended its open source competitor Mastodon from service Thursday afternoon.

The latest shift in policy under Elon Musk also saw some journalists accounts suspended from publications by rival social media platform Mastodon. 

Witter didn’t publicly specify why the accounts were suspended.

Some of the suspended journalists had commented on the suspension of a Twitter account that tracked the flights of the billionaire's private jet. 

Musk apparently tweeted in regards to the suspension The same doxing rules apply to journalists as to everyone else. 

Many of Mastodon's links no longer work on Twitter which flags them as potentially harmful

Many Twitter users added the Mastodon profile link to their bios as the Twitter option picked up steam. 

Twitter blocks links to more Mastodon servers that don't reference the service in domain names 

Twitter did not immediately respond to a Barron's request for comment early Friday. 

Sweeney's personal account was also suspended from Twitter along with several bots, including one that posted updates on Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.