These are the reasons why snakes can come in your house

They're trying to shed their skin

Snakes look for the support of the edges to remove the skin, which are easily found in your house.

They're looking for prey.

Snakes are a vital part of the ecosystem whose hunting habits can help rid your yard and garden of pests. But in some cases, reptiles can also make their way indoors looking for a meal.

They want to get warm.

Cold-blooded creatures like snakes rely on external heat sources to stay warm and active. Unfortunately, sometimes the easiest place for them to get cozy can be your home.

A small creature like a snake can easily enter a home if a hole presents itself. Often, this can be through the foundation or basement level.

They want to hide or hibernate.

Your home is hopefully a cozy, safe, and inviting place where you can rest safely and weather even the chilliest of winters. However, this is also what makes it an enticing place for a snake to crash.