How you charge your phone is one of the most important habits

This is the main reason why your phone battery is wasted

Mobile phone batteries are mostly made of lithium ions.

Charging in an Extreme Temperature

One of the worst charging mistakes people often make is

They are using their mobile phone while charging

The reason the battery degrades faster when used while it is being charged is because it generates excessive heat which is not healthy for the battery

Extreme coldness is not exempt from this

Charging your mobile phone in extremely cold environments is also bad for your battery

Leaving your phone on charge all the time or leaving it on continuous charge

Even though today's technology includes overcharging protection on our phone battery, it is still not recommended that you overcharge your phone battery too often

No matter how small the continuous charge and discharge, when it is done repeatedly, it will pile up and can cause significant damage to the battery.

Keeping all these things in mind, charge your phone as per the requirement.