Research shows that eating plans don't really help people lose weight or live longer

Pay attention to your food and drink regularly

Optimistic people are 50 percent less likely to die early than their pessimistic counterparts.

Prioritize friends over family

Staying social is vital to one's well-being, and researchers now believe that friends have a greater impact on our mental health than family

Forgive and forget

Living with anger will damage your health it's true so learn to let go of grievances and forgive those

Look at cooking as an investment

Research has shown that seniors who cook five times a week are 47 percent more likely to survive 10 years later.

Do unto others

People with altruistic spirit are healthier than those who are not altruistic

Eat Beans

Researchers have found that people who eat beans and plant-based foods live six to nine years longer than those who don't.