Tom Cruise's 8 Most Likeable Characters Did You Know ?

Charlie Babbitt - Rain Man (1988)

In Rain Man, Cruise plays Charlie, a selfish young man who kidnaps his autistic brother, Raymond (Dustin Hoffman).

Ethan Hunt - Mission Impossible Franchise 

Ethan Hunt is Cruise's longest-running role in his career with the Mission: Impossible franchise, which has spanned nearly 30 years to this point.

Jerry Maguire - Jerry Maguire (1996)

Some fans think Jerry Maguire is the role Cruise should have won an Oscar for

Lestat - Interview With A Vampire (1994)

While fans are loving the show Interview With A Vampire, there are also many who first became attached to the story as a film adaptation starring Cruise as Lestat.

Major William Cage  Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)

Edge of Tomorrow focuses on a world at war with alien invaders. Cruise plays Major William Cage

Roy Miller - Knight And Day (2010)

While it hasn't been as famous as some of Cruise's bigger films, Knight and Day has plenty of fans who see it as a fun departure for the actor.

Stacee Jaxx - Rock Of Ages (2012)

Cruise plays Stacy Jaxx, a wild '80s rock star performing at a benefit concert in a small town.