Top 10 Strongest Military Countries in The World


Australia's armed forces have the fewest active and reserve personnel, and currently number 59,000 active and 28,000 in reserve.


With over four thousand battle tanks, Egypt has the sixth largest fleet in the world.


Germany's defense systems are not as vast and modern as those of other top-tier armies. But that may all change soon.


Indonesia boasts of the strongest army in Southeast Asia. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the country is its huge manpower.


According to Iran's constitution, all men between 18-49 must serve in the military for 18 months to two years.


Like Iran, Israel mandates civilian enlistment in the military; Men serve three years, and women serve two years.


Italy's armed forces are the third strongest in Europe, after the United Kingdom and France.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has sophisticated fighter aircraft, tanks, interceptors, attack helicopters and more.


Spain has a decent armed force of about 150,000 people.


Turkey has an impressive military force with tons of tanks, planes and attack helicopters.