What is the heart breaking news from Xbox 360

An Xbox 360 gamer has gotten some heartbreaking news after using their console for nearly 16 year

The Xbox 360 was the second video game console from Microsoft, a successor to the Xbox. 

Selling significantly more units than its predecessor, the Xbox 360 was in some ways a huge success for Microsoft, but it was also a huge disappointment. 

But it was also a huge disappointment, mainly due to a hardware flaw that plagued its early years. 

The Xbox 360 suffered from the Red Ring of Death, which was caused by the console overheating and rendering it unplayable 

The original Xbox 360 consoles had an extremely high failure rate, prompting Microsoft to bite the bullet and fix them for free, even in cases when they were technically out of warranty.

Later iterations of the Xbox 360 console managed to fix the Red Ring of Death, but the damage was done. 

The new Xbox consoles are backward compatible with many Xbox 360 games, but there are still some notable titles that aren't playable on the new hardware. 

Microsoft has largely moved on from the Xbox Backward Compatibility program, so it's unlikely that any additional Xbox 360 games will make the jump 

So it is still necessary for gamers to have one of the consoles to play some games 

Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard may result in some older games from that company being made backward compatible. 

But otherwise fans shouldn't expect any 360 games to be added to the backward compatibility list.