Why know the risk of hacking in Samsung phones?

The digital age continues to grow and expand all around us with new technologies and applications coming into existence. 

Society has become dependent on these technologies to such an extent that if these products fail, we fear that humanity will descend into chaos. 

Samsung phones have been compromised due to leaked signing keys, which pose a security threat to apps on those phones. 

This threat comes in the form of computer hackers and malicious malware that attempt to corrupt computer systems. 

Recently learned that Samsung has confirmed that their update signing key was leaked 

The shocking part of all this is that this happened in 2016 and the vulnerability has been around for the past seven years. 

Now if this leak happened in 2016, what has Samsung done to fix the potential threat? Samsung's response, Samsung takes the security of Galaxy devices seriously. 

Have released security patches since 2016 when aware of the issue 

There is no known security incident regarding this potential vulnerability. 

We always recommend that users keep their devices up to date with the latest software updates.